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Welcome to The PET/CT Training Institute's E-Campus. Students enrolled in this independent distance learning program have easy access to the latest online educational delivery methods. These NMTCB and Society of Nuclear Medicine Technology Section, ARRT, ASRT, ICANL, ACR and States Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Control  approved courses, can be taken on the Internet, from your home, office or any convenient location where internet access is available.
The PET/CT Training Institute's online programs are web-based courses, designed by qualified faculty and staff to create an interesting, interactive learning environment.
The PET/CT Training Institute's Learning Management System is user-friendly, and courses can be taken easily by anyone with access to the World Wide Web. Lesson plans, assignments, and class schedules are posted online; while student/teacher interaction and student/student interaction can also occur over the Internet. Scheduled discussions, email messages, live chats and real-time group discussions are a few of the opportunities for interacting during your online course.

Our Learning Management System will soon support International SCORM Standards.

* Work at your own pace!
* Completely Online!
* Take up to 5 months to complete!
* Instructor Available if needed!
* Virtual Ecampus with Whiteboard!
* Paperless!
* All educational materials provided!
* Quiz and Exam Grades results within 24 hours!
* Private Tutoring available!
* Start immediately 24/7/365
* Recognized by the SNMMI-TS, ARRT, ASRT, Accreditation Agencies.
* Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace!
* Meets ACR NM and PET Accreditation requirements!

These quizzes,exams and documents are copyrighted © 2008-2015 by The PET/CT Training Institute, Inc. The SNMMI-TS, NMTCB, ARRT, ASRT, ICANL,ACR, and all States Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Control, and others reserve all rights to change the course syllabus, and hours awarded. For updated information, contact the Institute at 239-821-0375.

The hybrid fusion logo, as well as the trademarks identified on the associated documentation, are trademarks of The PET/CT Training Institute and may not be used or reproduced without The PET/CT Training Institute's permission. The information presented here may not under any circumstances be resold or redistributed for compensation of any kind without prior written permission from The PET/CT Training Institute. Students are allowed up to 5 months to complete the courses, or extended. If the student exceeds the enrollment period, he/she may have to pay a reactivation penalty. Partial credit will not be issued. Each course must be successfully completed in the time allotted. A passing grade per test is 80% or greater with two attempts allowed.

The Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB) recently offered the first computed tomography (CT) exam for nuclear medicine technologists (NMTs).  On November 15th, a total of 102 individuals passed the first exam with an average passing scaled score of 81.75 (a scaled score of 75 was needed to pass).  They all now hold the credential of NMTCB(CT).
Of the 102 new CT credentialed individuals, 94 individuals are certified as CNMTs and eight (8) are registered ARRT(N).  Thirteen individuals hold the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) credential and six hold the Nuclear Cardiology Technologist (NCT) credential.  Seven individuals hold four NMTCB certifications (CNMT, NCT, PET, and NMTCB(CT)). 
The next CT exam will be offered April 17, 2015.  The application deadline for this exam is March 1st.  As with the other NMTCB exams, we have high standards for eligibility to sit for the NMTCB(CT) exam.  All examinees must show proof of education specific to CT.  Fortunately, most new NMT graduates meet these educational requirements.  All others are required to have a minimum of 35 educational contact hours specific to CT.  At least four hours must be in each of the following categories:  contrast administration, cross-sectional anatomy, x-ray physics, CT radiation safety.  In addition to classroom hours, examinees must also have 500 clinical hours. 
For maintenance of certification, anyone holding the NMTCB(CT) credential must earn 12 continuing education hours specific to CT every two years.  This is in addition to the 24 hours required to maintain the CNMT credential.
The NMTCB is working with the American College of Radiology (ACR), the Joint Commission and the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) to incorporate the NMTCB(CT) credential into their respective accreditation standards.  We are also working with states and the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD).
Many NMT educational programs have adjusted their curriculum to meet the educational and clinical requirements for students to be eligible to sit for the NMTCB(CT) exam upon graduation.  The NMTCB will be offering a $30 discount (from the $180 application fee) for new graduates who apply to take the NMTCB(CT) exam at the same time as the CNMT exam. 
The vision of the NMTCB is to be recognized as the certification organization of choice for nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.  We currently offer five examinations for nuclear medicine professionals:  Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist (CNMT), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Nuclear Cardiology Technologist (NCT), Computed Tomography (NMTCB(CT)) and Nuclear Medicine Advanced Associate (NMAA).  We work hard to keep our finger on the pulse of the profession to make examinations that are both relevant and necessary for nuclear medicine professionals.

....In the news!!

Trimodality imaging system is designed to capture high-quality images from PET/CT and MR scanners, then fuse them with Integrated Registration* software. You can utilize leading-edge PET,CT and MRI technologies — together or individually — providingunparalleled choice, flexibility and clinical value....

Researchers and clinicians can access new technology to potentially
improve image quality. See fine vessel detail. Visualize cardiac anatomy
and function. Detect small lesions. Monitor response to therapy.
And forge a smarter path from clinical research to patient care.
Combining mature, robust technologies with new breakthroughs,
Trimodality imaging is intended to be one of the best investments
available for researchers and multi-specialty hospitals. That’s why
we celebrate it as another step toward helping you make the best
decisions for your patients. The PET/CT Training Institute is now offering online self study courses to technologist who need to start taking the courses needed to prepare for the ARRT or NMTCB Board exams to operate these systems.




 Dear Tim,

 I Passed!!!  

A million thanks to you for your all-out support in my preparation for the NMTCB exam.
I will not fulfill my dream of achieving the NMT Certification without the PET CT
Training Institute. I appreciate all your effort even when I already completed my

Again, thank you very much!!!!

Yours truly,

Cyrus C. C. CNMT

Alternative Eligibility Course/ E-Books

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Hi Tim,

Just took rhe exam here in the eastern province of saudi arabia. Proctor said, we passed, I didi not know how but he said, we passed, me and cyrus. We'd like to thank you and pet/ct training for helping and assisting us. We couldn't make it here  with out you.  

We'll be in touch!

Patrick B. CNMT

Saudi Arabia

Alternative Eligibility Course and E-Books

Dear Mr. Marshel,I just wanted to take the time to Personally thank Tim and the staff at the pet/ct training institute. It felt great that anytime i hada question anytime i had a concern my questions were answered immediately. The course content made it so that you actually gainedknowledge it was easy to navigate therefore easy to complete. I would highly recommend The PET/CT TRAINING INSTITUTE to anyone not only for CE but also to challenge you self to gain more knowledge. THANK YOU TIM AND THE PET/CT TRAINING INSTITUTE I will be back in the future!!!!!

Julio P. R.T.(N), CNMT
Coral Gables, Florida
"PET/CT Course for the Nuclear Medicine Technologist"

Dear Tim,Thank you for all your help. With out your information I would not of done it! Thank you !!!!

Mark H.
Neptune Beach, FL.
Alternative Eligibility Course
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