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 "PET Specialty Review Course Part I" Available

"PET Specialty Review Course Part II in Revision"  Stay tuned for Updates.

                        NOW AVAILABLE

All Nuclear and PET Technologist: "PET Specialty  Review Course! "

Prepares you for the NMTCB PET Boards. See the Course Syllabus section!

Follow Link:

Important Note for NON Nuclear Applicants: (CT)(MR)(R)

For all  NON Nuclear applicants to complete the NMTCB’s eligibility requirements of 20 hours in PET Procedures, 20 Hours in Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation, 10 hours in Radiation Protection, 20 Hours in Radiopharmacy, they could take the following course combinations, but would also need to obtain some additional specific hours:  

 CE Breakdown

  1.  Alternative Eligibility CoursePET Procedures - 0PET Instrumentation – 17Radiation Protection – 14.5Radiopharmacy – 15.5


  1. PET Registry Review Course

PET Procedures - 12PET Instrumentation – 15Radiation Protection – 12Radiopharmacy – 4


  1. PET Specialty Review Course Part 1

PET Procedures - 10PET Instrumentation – 3Radiation Protection – 3Radiopharmacy – 8


  1. PET Specialty Review Course Part II

PET Procedures – 5.5PET Instrumentation – 5Radiation Protection – 0Radiopharmacy – 3.5



New Changes: Attention!

Attention Technologist, ARRT is making a change, effective Jan. 1, 2024, that might affect you. 

What Is the Change?

Registered Technologists (R.T.s) sometimes have opportunities to receive training from medical equipment vendors. Such training teaches them how to use new types of medical imaging and radiation therapy equipment. When this type of training takes place at an R.T.’s facility, we call it applications facility training.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2024:

  • R.T.s can apply applications facility training credits to biennial CE only. We’ll continue to limit applications facility training credits to a maximum of eight credits per biennium*. 
  • We’ll no longer accept applications facility training credits for Continuing Qualifications Requirements (CQR) or structured education requirements.

*Limits on applications facility training credits apply only to applications training that takes place at an R.T.’s facility. The restrictions don't apply to applications training that takes place at a vendor's location, online, as a webinar, or in user meetings.

New Changes: Attention!

Beginning January 1, 2023, CAMRT(RT), CAMRT(RTT), ARRT(R) or ARRT(T) Certificants will be required to fulfill the following in order to qualify for the PET examination:
  1. Active CAMRT(RT), CAMRT(RTT), ARRT(R) or ARRT(T) certification AND hold an active certification in Computed Tomography (CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) from a nationally recognized certification board.
  2. 1,000 hours of clinical experience performing all aspects of PET imaging including radiopharmaceutical handling, injection (if permitted by state and/or institutional regulations) and imaging. Imaging may be performed on a dedicated PET scanner, PET/MR scanner, and/or a PET/CT scanner, with documented performance* of a minimum of 100 prescribed competencies:
    • 50 competencies in any PET imaging
    • 10 competencies in Daily QC
    • 10 competencies in Daily Survey and Survey Meter QC
    • 10 competencies in package receipt, disposal, and return
    • 10 competencies in radiopharmaceutical preparation, including dose calibration and dose assay
    * No more than one (1) competency may be documented per day per category.
    ** Supervision must be performed by a nuclear medicine physician or radiologist AND direct supervision must be performed by a certified NMTCB, ARRT(N) or CAMRT(RTNM) nuclear medicine technologist.
  4. Satisfactory completion of a minimum of seventy (70.00) contact hours of coursework in each of the following areas:
    • 20 hours in PET Procedures
    • 20 Hours in Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation
    • 10 hours in Radiation Protection
    • 20 Hours in Radiation Safety
    Only coursework from an accredited college or university, accredited nuclear medicine program or approved continuing education credits recognized by NMTCB, such as VOICE/ECE, will be accepted.
    *All clinical and didactic requirements must be completed within the 5 year period immediately prior to application to sit for the post-specialty PET examination.

"Advancing the Sciences of Molecular and Nuclear Imaging- Worldwide"

Welcome to The PET/CT Training Institute's Asynchronous Learning Management System platform.

Students enrolled in this independent Asynchronous Learning Management platform have easy access to the latest online educational delivery methods.

This NMTCB, Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Technology Section, ARRT, ASRT, ICANL, ACR, and States Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Control accepted CE courses, can be taken on the Internet, from your home, office or any convenient location where internet access is available.

"Partial Credit is not allowed.  Entire Course must be completed in order to receive CE Credits!"

The PET/CT Training Institute's online programs are web-based courses, designed by qualified faculty and staff to create an interesting, interactive learning environment.

Our CT and MR Courses meet ARRT CQR requirements!
The PET/CT Training Institute's Learning Management System is user-friendly, and courses can be taken easily by anyone with access to the World Wide Web. Lesson plans, assignments, and class schedules are posted online; while student/teacher interaction and student/student interaction can also occur over the Internet. Scheduled discussions, email messages, live chats and real-time group discussions are a few of the opportunities for interacting during your online course.

These quizzes,exams and documents are copyrighted © 2008-2023 by The PET/CT Training Institute, Inc. The SNMMI-TS, NMTCB, ARRT, ICANL,ACR, and all States Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Control, and others reserve all rights to change the course syllabus, and hours awarded. For updated information, contact the Institute at 239-821-0375.

The hybrid fusion logo, as well as the trademarks identified on the associated documentation, are trademarks of The PET/CT Training Institute and may not be used or reproduced without The PET/CT Training Institute's permission. The information presented here may not under any circumstances be resold or redistributed for compensation of any kind without prior written permission from The PET/CT Training Institute. Students are allowed up to 12 months to complete the courses, or extended. If the student exceeds the enrollment period, he/she may have to pay a reactivation penalty. Partial credit will not be issued. Each course must be successfully completed in the time allotted. A passing grade per test is 80% or greater with two attempts allowed.

Accepted/Requirements Satisfied by our Courses:

  • Courses are ASRT accepted for Category A credit
  • All courses meet ARRT CE reporting requirements
  • All courses are accepted by ARDMS and NMTCB
  • All MRI courses are accepted by ARMRIT
  • All PET, CT, MR, and Nuclear Medicine Courses are accepted by ARRT, NMTCB, ACR, ICANL, Joint Commission, and most States DOH.
  • New Jersey only accepts SNMMI-TS Voice CE credits towards biennium period requirements.
  • CAMRT recognizes the Category A credit assigned to each of these courses
  • All courses meet California CE requirements
  • All courses are accepted by the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Control.
  • Students have one year to complete any course we offer.
  • All students must do their due diligence in finding out with their states DOH rules and regulations concerning State Statues. 
  • All Sales Final.

In the news this week!


A Scope of Practice is terminology that defines the procedures, actions, and processes that are permitted for a licensed/certified individual. The scope of practice is limited to that which the law allows for specific education, experience, and competency. Each jurisdiction may have laws, licensing bodies, and regulations that describe requirements for education and training, and define scope of practice. Likewise, individual institutions may also have specific bylaws that define scope of practice in the absence of the above.

The PET/CT Training Institute does not define a scope of practice or practice standards for nuclear medicine technologists or PET Technologist. The Scope of Practice or Practice Standards for Technologists is established by the professional societies that represent nuclear medicine technologists and the nuclear medicine technologist communities.

Please note that these courses are not intended to modify or alter existing tort law; rather they should serve as concise outlines of nuclear medicine technology skills and responsibilities. Also, note that state regulations and institutional bylaws may take precedence over the duties outlined in these documents.

Open Access

This Institute follows the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction of any articles in any medium.

By signing up you agree to The PET/CT Training Institute's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
All Sales are final. No partial credit from courses are awarded.  


* Work at your own pace!
* Completely Online!
* Instructor Available if needed!
* Paperless!
* All educational materials provided!
* Quiz and Exam Grades results immediately
* Private Tutoring available!
* Start immediately 24/7/365
* Recognized by the SNMMI-TS, ARRT, and other Accreditation Agencies.
* Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace!
* Meets ACR NM and PET Accreditation requirements!

Course Testimonials!

Hi Mr. Marshel,

My name Kikelomo Towobola one of your old online student, 
I attended the PET/CT Training Institute online last year.
It is my great pleasure to let you know that I have passed
my NMTBC exam. Your class is really helpful. 

I will surely recommend your online program to some other students 
that are struggling with passing their board exam like me.

Thank you for everything.

Have a great holiday.
Bronx, NY
Alternative Eligibility Course

Dear Tim,

Thank you for the opportunity to take an on-line course for CT Review with The Institute.
I got a good start on the road for preparation for the exam. Also, online option saves me a lot of time.

Thank you to be very supportive at any time and for help to solve all my questions.
The Review course is excellent.

Anna L. R.T. (N) CNMT
CT Review Course
Oceanside, NY

HI Tim,

“PET MR Review Course” is an excellent course that gives a great foundation for the medical imaging technologists. It would definitely benefit the nuclear medicine technologist and the MRI technologist seeking to enter the PET/MR field.

Robert M. PhD, (Candidate) MRT(N)
PET/MR Review Course
Ontario, Canada

Hi Tim,

I wanted to let you know that after taking your CT course. I was able to pass the NMTCB exam.

Thanks again
Don R. Friendship, Tx.
CT Registry Review Courses

Hello Mr. Marshel

I would like to personally thank you for making this easy for me and very simple. I am pleased how easy it was and I had no worries about the videos. I sure wish MORE institutions were like you and your institution because then more deaf people like me would have this opportunity. I am now processing for the License for CT - and hoping to pass my CT exam in the next year or so.

I appreciate all you have done and the easy communication.
I will for sure be back for future CEUs and so on. I find it easier for me to do this instead of having several different websites to pay for.
Again Thank you

Jessica S. CNMT
Booton, NJ, USA
"CT Registry Review Course"

Dear Tim,
Well, I did it! I passed my NMTCB! Thank you so much for having this course available. I couldn't of passed this test without it. I've learned so much from the course. I have been telling people who are struggling to definitely take it. Thank you for your help it means a lot!

Erica E., CNMT
Wichita, Ks
Alternative Eligibility Course

Hello Tim,
Hope you are having good time. I am glad to inform you that I have cleared the CNMT exam yesterday. I would like to express my heart full of gratitude to you and The PETCT INSTITUTE for providing 24*7 day support . Your motivation was my inspiration . Thanks a ton for helping all the way, which helped me to complete the national licence exam (NMTCB)successfully. Wish you happy new year 2016. Cheers and keep the inspiration up. I will definitely opt for (thepetcttraininginstitute) for my future learning.

Best Regards

Nitendra D., CNMT
New Delhi, India
Alternate Eligibility Pathway

Dear Mr.Tim,

Today, I had appeared for the nmtcb exam. I am happy to inform you that I
have cleared it successfully.

I take this moment to thank you for your support and the useful course of
alternate eligibility. Without which this wouldn't have happened.

I wish you all the very best in continuing your wonderful service.

Keep inspiring many more aspirants.

Thanks a L.O.T

Sathya N.
Bangalore, India
Alternative Eligibility, Ebooks

Dear Tim,

I want to thank you for your help. I past my NMTCB exam on the first try last Saturday.

Kind regards,

Renée van O. PET
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Alternative Eligibility Course, E-Books

Hi, a quick note to let you know I passed the NMCB and the program was well design and I felt prepared for the exam. Again, thank you!

Ileana N.
Alternative Eligibility Course, E-books
Toa Baja, Puerto Rico

Good afternoon Prof Marshel,

How are you? Hope you're well, I would like to let you know that today I did the NMTCB exam and I've passed, I don't know yet the score.
Thank you very much for your help.

Vito P.
Alternative Eligibility Course
NM Registry Review E-Books
London, England, UK

Dear Professor Marshel,
The PET/CT Institute helped me pass my boards !! The modules are very informative and easy to follow!! 
Thank you Tim and staff, I would not have passed without them!!! Thank you!!
Susan C.
Providence, PA
PET Registry Review Course and Ebooks

Hi Professor Marshel

I took my NMTCB exam on 27th June. I have a happy news for you , now I become a certified nuclear medicine technologist from USA . I really appreciate your efforts for me to conquer this. Thank you so much!

Best regards

Jeny G., CNMT

Alternative Eligibility Course

Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

Dear Professor Marshel,

I just want to let you know that I passed my NMTCB Exam! It was a challenging experience for me not only doing all my review but also in getting a testing site outside of US. I took a leave for two weeks to prepare last july and by the end of my leave, I would take the exam which was supposed to be in Malaysia. But, unluckily, the testing body had inform me a week before that the site is no longer available. I was really in panic! I called the isotesting and told me that the nearest country option for me were Australia or India. I have 1 week left and Australia was not possible due to Visa issues and so, I took the risk of getting the India testing Centre.

> It was a challenging experience but I have learn so many moments in going to India. I could never forget how anxious I was both the exam and the strange country that I would be going. I had an adventurous time! Anyways, With Grace, I Finally Pass!!

Thank you,

Sultan A.,CNMT
Alternative Eligibility Course
PET/CT Ebooks

Dear Tim,

I Passed!!!

A million thanks to you for your all-out support in my preparation for the NMTCB exam.
I will not fulfill my dream of achieving the NMT Certification without the PET CT
Training Institute. I appreciate all your effort even when I already completed my

Again, thank you very much!!!!

Yours truly,

Cyrus C. C. CNMT

Alternative Eligibility Course/ E-Books

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Hi Tim,

Just took rhe exam here in the eastern province of saudi arabia. Proctor said, we passed, I didi not know how but he said, we passed, me and cyrus. We'd like to thank you and pet/ct training for helping and assisting us. We couldn't make it here with out you.

We'll be in touch!

Patrick B. CNMT

Saudi Arabia

Alternative Eligibility Course and E-Books

Dear Mr. Marshel,I just wanted to take the time to Personally thank Tim and the staff at the pet/ct training institute. It felt great that anytime I hada question anytime I had a concern my questions were answered immediately. The course content made it so that you actually gainedknowledge it was easy to navigate therefore easy to complete. I would highly recommend The PET/CT TRAINING INSTITUTE to anyone not only for CE but also to challenge you self to gain more knowledge. THANK YOU TIM AND THE PET/CT TRAINING INSTITUTE I will be back in the future!!!!!

Julio P. R.T.(N), CNMT
Coral Gables, Florida
"PET/CT Course for the Nuclear Medicine Technologist"

Dear Tim,Thank you for all your help. With out your information I would not of done it! Thank you !!!!

Mark H.
Neptune Beach, FL.
Alternative Eligibility Course
PET Registry Review Ebooks
Audio Ebook

Read All Testimonials

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