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Here are just a few comments of what our students are saying.....

Hi Mr Marshel, I just want to let you know that I passed my NMTCB Exam! It was a challenging experience for me not only doing all my review but also in getting a testing site outside of US. I took a leave for two weeks to prepare last july and by the end of my leave, i would take the exam which was supposed to be in Malaysia. But, unluckily, the testing body had inform me a week before that the site is no longer available. I was really in panic! I called the isotesting and told me that the nearest country option for me were Australia or India. I have 1 week left and Australia was not possible due to Visa issues and so, I took the risk of getting the India testing Centre.

It was a challenging experience but I have learn so many moments in going to India. I could never forget how anxious i was both the exam and the strange country that i would be going. I had an adventurous time! Anyways, With Grace, I Finally Passed!

I got good marks in Radiopharmacy and your Math Skills were really helpful. I am grateful for all the review notes and guide questions you shared to me. Thank you thank you for your help. Even from the time of the didactic coursework, you were superb and the course outlines were simple to understand. Anyways, I look forward to get CE units from you. Please let me know of your courses approved for the CE Units. For almost 11 years working as a Nuclear Medicine Tech., this exam has proven my worth and I must say, I am proud to be a CNMT. :)

So, Again, Thank you Sir for your professionalism and support in me.

All the best


Gene Blair S., CNMT
Serangoon, Singapore
Alternative Eligibility Course

Dear Mr. Marshel, I just wanted to take the time to Personally thank Tim and the staff at the pet/ct training institute. It felt great that anytime i had a question anytime i had a concern my questions were answered immediately. The course content made it so that you actually gained knowledge it was easy to navigate therefore easy to complete. I would highly recommend The PET/CT TRAINING INSTITUTE to anyone not only for CE but also to challenge you self to gain more knowledge. THANK YOU TIM AND THE PET/CT TRAINING INSTITUTE i will be back in the future!!!!!

Julio P. R.T.(N), CNMT
Coral Gables, Florida
"PET/CT Course for the Nuclear Medicine Technologist"

Dear Tim, Thank you for all your help. With out your information I would not of done it! Thank you !!!!

Mark H.
Neptune Beach, FL.
Alternative Eligibility Course
PET Registry Review Ebooks
Audio Ebook

Thanks Tim.. I have really enjoyed taking this course....once I finish this course I am going to see what other courses you have.

Cindy K. CNMT
Windsor, Ontario Canada
PET/CT Course for the NMT

Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for helping me with my math. Your instructions on how to use the calculator really gave me confidence with my math skills. I just wanted to let you know that I took my PET Boards today and I passed with a score of 87%. I was so happy to get my score back and see that I had passed.

Your new audio ebooks really helped me out. I feel so happy at this minute after working with you for the last 4 months.

Thanks again,

Keith M.
Sarasota, Florida
PET/CT Registry Review Course, Ebooks, Audio Ebooks, and tutoring.

Dear Mr.Tim; Goodafternoon;I have a great news to share with you,that i passed my NMTCB Exam on 9th July,2012. Thank you very much for your excellent online course which help me a lot to pass this Exam. With best regards,

Sultan A.,CNMT Doha-Qatar
Alternative Eligibility Course
PET/CT Ebooks

Hey Tim! Just wanted to let you know that I passed my NMTCB last week! Your program was such a help and I couldn't have done it without your courses! Thanks again and I strongly recommend your course to anyone preparing to take the exam! Have a great day!

David B. R.T. (R)(CT)(MR)(CNMT)
Prestonsburg, KY.
Alternative Eligibility Course
PET/CT Registry Review Ebooks


Reginald A., PET, CNMT
Mary Ester, Florida
PET Registry Review Course
PET/CT Registry Review Ebooks

Hi Tim,

I just wanted to tell you that I passed the NMTCB exam which I took a week ago.

It was harder than I expected and I felt that I probably just barely passed even though I studied hard.

Well, I just got my results and it turns out that I passed "With Distinction" which is better than I thought!!

So, thanks for all of your help as I studied and for putting up with my many questions and emails. Your course definitely helped to prepare me for the test.

Suzanne J. CNMT
Pacifica, CA.
Alternative Eligibility Course
PET/CT Ebooks

FYI, passed my test! Thanks for all your help!

Karen P. R.T. (R)(CT)(PET)
Oklahoma City, OK.
Alternative Eligibility Course
PET/CT Registry Review Ebooks

Thanks so much for everything Tim!! I will definitely be getting in touch with you in the future as I prepare to sit for the boards. Your program was so user friendly and convenient for a very busy Mobile Technologist!

David J. B. (R)(CT)(MR)
Prestonsburg, KY.
Alternative Eligibility Course
PET/CT Ebooks

Tim, I just wanted to let you know that I passed the PET/CT registry exam today with a score of 85%. Thanks for the great course! It really help me pass the exam.

Kalvin M. R.T. (R)(N)(CNMT)(PET)
Plano, Texas
PET Registry Review Course
PET Registry Review Ebooks

Dear Tim, This course has helped me more than obtaining my B.S. in Radiologic Sciences in 2006. I was told I really know alot about PET. Thanks Tim! Best Regards

Chaka, F, B.S.R.T. (R)
Gainesville, Florida
Alternative Eligibility Course
PET/CT Ebooks

Good morning Tim, Just wanted to let you know I passed my PET registry.

Domenic A. G., A.R.R.T. (R)(N) NMTCB (PET)
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
PET Registry Review Course
PET/CT Registry Review Ebook

Tim, I would like to express a great thanks in helping me pass the Pet Board Exam this winter. I know it would have been impossible without the Pet Registry Review courses. Thank you so very much!

Salt Lake City, Utah
PET/CT Registry Review Course
PET/CT Registry Review Ebook

Hi Tim, I just wanted to drop you an email and let you know that I took my PET boards yesterday and PASSED! Thanks for offering this course, it was very helpful!

Paula G., R.T. (R)(CT)(PET)
Huntington, West Virginia
Alternative Eligibility Course
PET/CT Registry Review Ebook

Hey, Tim. I just wanted to let you know that I passed my Nuc Med Test so I'm certified now. Yay!!!!!! Thank you soooo much for all of your help!

Amanda T. R.T. (R)(CNMT)
Auburn, Alabama
Alternative Eligibility Course

Dear Tim, I just want to thank you for all of your help. I passed my nuclear medicine registry today!!!!! Thanks again

Giovonnda Y. R.T. (R)
(Alternative Eligibility Course)
(NMT Registry Review Ebook)
Alexander City, Alabama

Dear Mr. Marshel you are Guru in the field Molecular Imaging, Your program is way ahead of the curve. When I was on my externship I knew I had the knowledge base that would set me apart from other Technologist. Not only was I learning from my externship but they were learning from me. The PET/CT Training Institute is a asset to the field. All the facilities that acquire your students will know that they have Technologist that are very sound in all aspects Imaging and Quality Control . You have been available around the clock, always making time to help students with there understanding of the complex aspects of PET/CT. I thank you for your Teaching and can say I am very proud to been one of your students.

Todd ARRT(RT)(N)
Holland, Michigan

Tim, Just want you to know I passed the PET boards on the 13th. Thank you for your help.

T.J. R.T. (CT)(PET)
Woodsbury, MN.

Ich m�chte die PET / CT Training Institute auf die Vorbereitung f�r mich eine neue Karriere in PET Imaging danken. Ich wurde in der Nuklearmedizin unemployeed und wurde mit Hilfe von Tim Marshel Anweisungen umgeschult. Jetzt bin ich Vollzeit arbeiten in einer PET-Lab.

Vielen Dank.

Shultz A.
Berlin, Deutschland

I think that I have learned so much with your help. And I am very greatful that you have this On Line program that is accepted by the Society of Nuclear Medicine.

Anabell M. R.T. (R)(CT)
San Francisco, California

Recently I took the NCT (Nuclear Cardiology Technology Exam) for Nuclear Medicine Technologist. It was the hardest test that I have ever taken! I studied hard for 4 months "The Nuclear Cardiology Technology E-book" If it wasn't for his many hours of tutoring and his E-book, I would not have passed this exam. Should I decide to proceed to take the PET test I will use Tim Marshel and The PET/CT Training Institute's resources.

Chuck, O, (ARRT) R,N, CNMT, NCT
Ocala, Florda

Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your appreciation. Actually, you have prepared this course very easy and I think anybody can understand these things easily. All this credit goes to you sir, you are so intelligent and have a deep eye for NM Technologists needs. Thank you very much again

Valencia, Spain

I am a 13 year ARRT practicing member and recently had the opportunity to take a position in PET/CT. In order to stay compliant I was required to become eligible to sit for the PET exam. After long extensive search for the best Alternative program I decided on Mr. Marshel's. I never once second guessed my decision to use THE PET/CT TRAINING INSTITUTE. The program is easy to follow and use, and Mr. Marshel is beyond accessible considering we are a 3 hour difference in time. He arranged meeting times around my schedule and best of all I was able to do it from the comfort of my home. You may consider going for a week long course but after you think about hotel rooms and bad restaurant food, and not to mention using vacation time , you will come back to this program - I did! Thanks Tim

Tim , B.S.R.T. (R)(CT)
Las Vegas, Nevada

Good AM Mr. Marshel, I just received my certificates yesterday in the mail, and I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I truly appreciate all of your kindness and willingness to encourage through out the process. I hope that your program has continual success. I know it has truly been an inspiration to me, and I hope it will do the same for many others. Keep up the great work!

Christan R.T.(R)
Province, LA.

I could never, ever had made it through the courses in four months without the expert guidance of Tim Marshel. As a CT technologist, I had no previous background in nuclear medicine and I received step-by-step instruction in every course. Additionally, I received above and beyond guidance by showing me the future for PET/CT in cardiology, neurology and oncology. This is not only cutting-edge technology, it is in-depth instruction.

Jo Ann M.S. R.T. (R)(CT)
Plano, TX.

I have a wonderful experience at The PET/CT Training Institute, the materiral was very extent, a lot of info to go through, but ended very helpful. The power point presentations were nicely done and educational, and very informative. This was a very exciting online experience. I recommend it. The instructors were available at all times. I enjoyed it!

Emilia C. (Registry Eligible)
Naples, Fl.

The alternative on-line class was recommended to me by another technologist who was already enrolled in the PET/CT Training Institute. Taking an on-line class worked well with my work schedule as it allowed me to work at my own pace. I liked the way the modules were broken into sections as it made the courses manageable and not seem overwhelming. Tim made it clear from the start that all I had to do was request a meeting time with him and we could discuss any questions that I felt needed to be addressed. I would not hesitate to recommend the class to someone looking for an alternative eligibility course.

Terri J, RT (R)(CT)
Woodsbury, Minnesota

I just wanted to thank you again for the practice exams. They were a huge help in preparing for the exam! I took it earlier today and passed with an 85%! Thanks again for all your help! It made a big difference!

Tanya T. CNMT, PET
Las Vegas, Nevada

The PET CT training Institute allowed me to work at my own pace and study the way that it best suited me. With the classes being on line it made it possible for me to go back to it through out the day and also spend blocks of time when that was available to me. I was also able to refer back to the prior study material which made it very easy to check information; the site was very user friendly. Finally I always felt supported by the staff of the institute, if I had any questions or concerns they were answered promptly and clearly.

Mindy H. (R)(CT)
Anchorage, Alaska

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